Commercial Loans, What Matters

When starting a new business, especially in today’s economy, you have to have a lot of things. You have to have a solid idea, money to back it up, and a plan. If you are going to have a fish store you need to find a good location for your store. If you are creating an online business you need decide if you still want an office, or work at home, you need to decide on how much advertising you are willing to do, and if you will have other employees. These are just a few things to consider, and if you do not have the money to start your business you don’t want your idea to die, the only logical step is to try and get a commercial loan.Well before you get the loan, or even apply for one, you have to get some things out of the way. First you have to do the ground work, you have to have an idea, and know whether the area you want to work from is in need of your product or service. Next you have to find a location, even if its at your home, you need to make sure your home is ready to run a company from. After that you have to find out where you will get your supplies from and what will it cost, if you want a coffee shop, where will you get all your supplies, the machines, tables, chairs and everything else, and how much will it cost you to make all those purchases before you have a single customer. After doing all this work, work that can take months or even years, do you really want to be stopped by a denied application based on your credit?Many people don’t realize this, but even if you have a great idea, and have done all the ground work, banks will still deny you for a commercial loan if you have bad credit. It can take years to repair credit, unless you do the smart thing. There are credit repair companies today that can fix your credit within weeks, not years, and finding a good one is the key to getting approved.By David George

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